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Robust Automation Engine

Advanced ITPA software is intuitive enough to automate complex processes across multiple systems with or without the need for human input. When desired or necessary, human decision points can also be embedded into the workflow ensuring that the appropriate IT personnel receive alerts and/or escalations and can quickly respond accordingly. Some ITPA software products can be fully and seamlessly integrated with various existing systems, applications and platforms. This may include monitoring, incident response, messaging and notification and much more.

What are the Benefits of IT Process Automation?

IT process automation (ITPA), also known as run book automation (RBA), is the ability to orchestrate and integrate tools, people and processes through workflow. ITPA software applications can be programmed to perform any repeatable pattern, task or business workflow that was once handled manually by humans. ITPA is often used interchangeably with the term run book automation (RBA).

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IT Service Management

BSSRPA through its partnership with Automation Edge, helps you reduce costs, increase speed of business response and eliminate errors through automation of request fulfillment or incident resolution in 30% to 40% cases. With transparent analysis, ROI Calculations and technical feasibility – we can help you with automation of support systems, business applications and business needs. Virtual Engineer solves incidents and performs tasks or completes service requests which are generally worked upon by L1/L2 engineers. It is Run book or Workflow automation solution that automates your L1/L2 Ticket resolution, freeing your staff to focus on more important projects. This way BSSRPA and Automation Edge not only reduces the effort but also reduces the L1/L2 support costs, increases the speed of response to business & reduces errors. AutomationEdge fully integrates with ITSM.

With IT Process Automation you can

Any manual, mundane, repetitive task can be automated. Automating these tasks can improve efficiency drastically!

By automating repetitive tasks and workflows your team can get it right, always!

Your IT staff is a prized possession. Spending skilled team member’ time on mundane tasks that can be automated can prove to be a huge risk. With automation, such tasks can be handled, allowing your team to focus on more important business needs.

IT automation can lead to higher level of customer support (internal and external). The response and resolution times can be reduced drastically leading to excellent SLA scores.

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